00: Introduction


by Elaine Cotoner

This year, I am giving away my books—to you, dear reader. For you are part of the few who actually read introductions.

You see, I stumbled upon a website called The Minimalists. It’s run by two guys who chose minimalism after living in discontent despite their high-paying jobs.

They defined minimalism as “getting rid of the things you don’t need to make room for the things you need—which, it turns out, are not things at all.”

The Minimalists suggest to “minimize” books, or to give away books once you’ve gotten value from them. That’s what I’m doing this year.

I will be actively reading (taking notes, asking questions) all my books and will give them away once I’m done. I will be posting about one book per week, which will instructions on how you can win the book. But you have to be willing cover the shipping costs.

Don’t I need books? What’s wrong with me? And what if I suddenly want to re-read one? Honestly, I forgot that I even have all these books. Some of them, I haven’t even read. By doing this project, I get to go through them all. If I want to re-read the book, I can just go back to my notes and blog posts.

I won’t be giving away all of them, though. My heavily-highlighted copy of Mastery will stay with me forever.

So here’s to a year of reading. Happy 2017! 

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