Facebook is not a journal: my continuing struggle to post less


by Elaine Cotoner

My friends know me as their friend who posts on Facebook a lot. Like, everyday a lot. So I took a long, hard look at myself and asked why I do it.

More than sharing valuable information, I was just saying “Look at me! I’m witty and pretty, even in my pambahay clothes!” That’s fine. But it made me feel like an icky vain person.

So before I post anything on social media, I resolve to ask myself the following questions:

  1. Why do I want to post this?

Will this post make people smarter, healthier, or happier? Or am I just showing off?

  1. Can I say this out loud, to actual people, in real life?

No one likes a hypocrite. And, do I really talk about myself this much in real life? Ick.

  1. Is it better to write this in my journal instead?

Facebook is not a journal. I have an actual journal to write things in.

With that said, the following things are going in my journal, unless deemed worthy to see the light of day:

  1. Rants

I rant about the government a lot. Super ironic, by the way, since I work for the government. So before I spout vitriol about incompetent politicians, I will stop and think: will ranting about this change anything? If not, what will? Can I do that instead?

If I just need to let out stress from living in this country at this time, I’ll rant on my journal instead.

  1. Achievements

My favorite successful people share their achievements to give people hope. They don’t say “Look at me, I’m #blessed.” Instead they say, “You can do it too.” So unless I can frame my achievements like that, I’ll keep them to myself.

  1. Vacation photos

Unless I can find a way to make my vacation photos and captions witty, informative or transformative, I’m saving them on my computer or phone. Otherwise, I’m just saying “Look at me and all the places I can afford to go!” Again, icky vain person.


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