Get bored


In Ancient Greece, King Hiero II had a new crown and old trust issues. So he asked the mathematician Archimedes to find a way to know if his crown was 100% gold. The king had a feeling that his crown maker mixed it with silver to keep the gold for himself.

As the famous story goes, Archimedes figured it out while he was in a public bath, screamed “Eureka!” and ran home naked. Whether or not the last two are true, Archimedes’ story proves that “Eureka moments” present themselves when we need to let our minds breathe.

If you’ve ever waited in line, commuted to work, or, been in a bathtub, you know that these breathing spaces already exist. We just choose to fight boredom with stimulation, usually in the form of scrolling through social media.

Checking our feed gives us something to do, instead of sitting still and doing nothing. Because it’s insanely awkward nowadays to wait in line and just….wait.

Since I’m basically addicted to my phone, I decided to carve out a regular time for boredom which is the bus ride from work. If I look out the window, no one can tell that I’m a weirdo with a boredom schedule.

Most of my writing ideas come from this block of time. While they’re not worth streaking for (yet), they keep this blog alive and well.


Photo by meredith hunter on Unsplash

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