Interlude #1


Interlude is the portion of the blog where I share thoughts not directly related to the creative life but are still worth sharing.

Now Reading:

  • Yes We (Still) Can: Politics in the Age of Obama, Twitter, and Trump

I’m not American, but I still miss Barack Obama. Can we clone this cool, calm, leader of the free world and send these clones to the Philippines?

Dan Pfeiffer, Obama’s former communications director, wrote about his time from the Obama campaign to the White House. He also talks about how Trump rose to power and how Democrats can save their country and prevent a Trump reelection.

Now Listening to:

  • The Minimalist Podcast

I  recommended their books in a previous post, but these guys also have a podcast. I listen to them almost every morning during my commute. If you’re thinking of minimizing your life or just listening to something more positive than the news, then I recommend you listen to them, too.

They talk about applying minimalism, not just in getting rid of excess stuff, but applying the same principles to your health, relationships, career, passions, and contribution to the world.

  • Falling All In You

I listen to one song repeatedly to help me focus. This is currently that song. I love you, Shawn Mendes.

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