Burning questions


Photo by Fredrick Kearney Jr on Unsplash

I’ve attended a few writing seminars and at almost all of them, people ask these questions:

How do you defeat writer’s block?

How do you keep from burning out?

If writing were a race, then we’re all terrified of getting tired. Some of us, oddly enough, haven’t even started. Many writers have answered this question and I’m sure you’ll find a wealth of answers elsewhere. But here are three of the best answers I got:

  1. Write everyday, even if we don’t feel like it.

I forgot where I picked this up, but it helps if we write everyday. The muse may be a fickle friend, but if we’re always writing, we’ll be ready whenever they show up.

And if we’re going to take a break, we should decide how long we’ll stop writing. Otherwise, we could forget and stop forever. After all, what’s a sexier excuse than putting on a forlorn face and saying “writer’s block”?

  1. Stop and do something else.

Comic book artist Manix Abrera said that there are days when the art just doesn’t come. For those times, he walks, rides his bike, and talks to other people.

He gets this advice from his father, comic book artist Jess Abrera. who said “writer’s blocks” mean that our brains our tired. We should then do other things to relax our mind. After that, he says, we’ll be well-rested and ready to go again,

  1. Watch other people.

Author and scriptwriter Noreen Capili says when her brain is not giving her any ideas, she turns to other people. Well, watches them and eavesdrops on their conversations. Some days, she watches people in coffee shops or listens to conversations in the train. Strangers can become our next characters or at least provide that bit of dialog we need, if we pay attention enough.

What about you, how would you answer the burning questions?



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